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Dimaklumkan susulan kenyataan KKM mengenai penyakit “monkeypox”, seorang kanak2 berumur 3 tahun telah dibawa ke KK Batu 14, Selangor untuk membuat pemeriksaan kerana mengalami gejala demam (13 Mei) dan ruam (16 Mei). Ruam ini menjadi ‘blister’ (19 Mei) dan mula pecah (21 Mei).

if you're not buying kits from the club shop then are you really supporting the club?
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Done beli jersi Arsenal baru. Thanks for the heads up @bro_arsenal. Tak tau kenapa jersi baru adidas murah. Jersi MU pun RM209 jugak.

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4. Zafrul told the Edge that he wanted "to be in the job as a technocrat".

The business publication heralded Zafrul as "the first banker and technocrat — basically, non-politician — to become Malaysia’s finance minister".

They are going to make schools with one point of entry/exit so that the next school shooter can kill everyone as they go through the funnel
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They're coming out against doors now? Didn't I do a comic like this???? twitter.com/Acyn/status/152960

Political parties! It's totally alright to antagonise the rich because there are only a few of them! Their votes don't matter!

kau buat lah highway 12 lane pun, time nak keluar kena masuk jalan 2 lane jugak

One way to make districts==constituency is to increase the number of seats in the constituency in proportion to the population
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Constituencies should be drawn in a manner that bring communities together

However, caution must be exercised

Drawing constituencies that strictly follow district boundaries have created oversized seats like Baling

Or created constituencies with exclaves like proposed Muallim

Organise! Organise! Organise!
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JNT tak cukup staff. Cukup cukup lah beli barang online macam almari kayu jati, peti sejuk dua tingkat treadmill dan pelbagai barang besar dan berat and expect JNT hantar. Berat bodoe nak angkat twitter.com/brgsjks/status/152

We can avoid this problem. We HAVE avoided this problem for the last two years now by working from home. During this period the rich got richer. But they're not satisfied with just hoarding our money. They want to break our spirits too. Hence why they're making people go back.

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employers won't act in workers interests unless their bottom line is affected

we need to affect their bottom line
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Yesterday, someone who works smack in town was panicking while rushing off at *6am*, "I'm late for work!". The sun was only due an hour later. Today, it's flooding in town and they'll be stuck there till malam. What kind of life is this? How is this fair for workers and families?

I think I have consumed everything that can be consumed

Mail masih boleh balik rumah dan tidur dengan selesa? Orang Malaysia memang penyabar
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Kesal je? Rakyat dapat apa dengan kekesalan tu?

It's not that Kuala Lumpur is a poorly designed city. It's that at no point was it designed
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Kuala Lumpur is such a poorly designed city and it’s especially apparent in rainy weather, rush hour and weekends (basically when people are not working in their workplaces). The city seems developed on the surface but it’s poorly developed. Connectivity is truly a joke.

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