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I’ll henceforth be calling the “just don’t buy X’s products if you don’t like trillion-dollar company X” the “paint yourself into a corner” fallacy. The erroneous assumption being you have some sort of perfect free market without lock-in, oligopoly, network effects, or legislation to reduce or eliminate your choice entirely when it comes to fundamental issues like the products’ effects on your rights and freedoms.

Just don’t buy Apple. OK, now Google is doing the same thing. Just don’t buy…

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#OtD 6 Aug 1970 300 Yippies – countercultural radical youth – invaded Disneyland, protesting against the Vietnam war and calling for the liberation of Minnie Mouse from patriarchal captivity. Disney security and armed riot police were brought in. workingclasshistory.com/tag/vi

@rewarp your bridge is still up? mine seems to have stopped working since January haih

Hmm crossposting between here and twitter is broken apparently since they suspended my account for a week

do we need a reason to do it?

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China executed another banker for corruption today.
And the family have to pay for the bullet.
Maybe they're on to something here?

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duh, they should be destroyed

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Proves the Jedi Aren't a Force for Good buff.ly/2Yo7O3l

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sua: bersua 1. datang saling mendekati, saling berdekat-dekatan 2. = tersua bertemu, berjumpa, terjerempak, terserempak