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The headline is an anachronism. Capitalism can’t work for everyone; it’s baked into its core.

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@ExposingKlepto@twitter.com Btw i'm convinced that PN govt is masterminded by both oldtimers in PH and BN to maintain the status quo because newcomers in PH govt have made it difficult for old proxies and cronies to continue their business focusmalaysia.my/mainstream/ph

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Patriotisme memang untuk orang bodoh

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@ernamh@twitter.com @kuasasiswa@twitter.com I actually watched one of the videos, in which he says “… Isi dia aku tak peduli, kulit dia yg sakit hati”.

And THAT is the kind of intellectual shallowness that’s permeated thru this whole manufactured outrage episode.

Guess it’s not just zombies that are braindead...

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Jata lama zaman penjajah era FMS ni masih boleh dilihat di Stesen Keretapi Tanjong Pagar di S'pore. Yang peliknya, kenapa mereka eja moto "Dipelihara Allah" macam tu?

Ada 2 kemungkinan:
1. Itu ejaan lama untuk "Allah" yg kita tak tahu
2. Bukan orang tempatan yg design jata ni

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Yes, they did lump AIDS and dengue together.

And yes, he did say “Innalillah, hai denggi berdarah”. The 90s was really ... something. twitter.com/jrmanajemen/status

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MRSM Baling: Petition to take immediate action against Cikgu Mohd Norazizi bin Samsudain of Mrsm Baling - Sign the Petition! chng.it/KgVtvZXD via @Change@twitter.com

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This guy, a teacher in MRSM Baling is a rape enabler and rape apologist. Show some solidarity with the students, help sign and spread this petition.


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Few women academics, and rarely women of color academics, make it to full professor by age 40 (if at all, because of toxic institutional racism). Imagine how they feel... twitter.com/timminglab/status/

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2 July 1986 workers in Chile began a two-day general strike to protest against the military rule of General Pinochet. The US-and UK-backed dictator tortured and murdered tens of thousands of workers and opponents during his rule

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UPDATE: I have been summoned by the police to record a statement over my contribution to the book.

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Why do delivery still call you when you set to deliver to collection point?

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@qedx_@twitter.com Organise common people into functioning collective units, gain enough mass support to either push for anti-rich laws that would push those kulak fucks to suicide or gain electoral victories to do it ourselves

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2020 is a kink year. Everyone has to wear a mask, and shaming is a group activity.

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at most 10 to 15 percent will be killed. tell me you don't think their sacrifice will not be worth it

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beza penyokong pembangkang dan PN di medsos ialah daripada 10 komen penyokong pembangkang, 7 bercerita kes mahkamah, rasuah, dsb. Penyokong PN alih-alih "cina cina cina cina jahat cina mampus cina cina cina DAP"

*makluman, ini anekdot unofficial ye

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Mongolia has quarantined its western region near the border with Russia after identifying two suspected cases of the black plague


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