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It's not just about common themes, it's also their execution but under the law the #1 element is access to the underlying material, which they had in the bible and pilot. twitter.com/AndrewLee1987/stat

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Great summary of the protest movement in Thailand, with a small insight into its composition, something I think is largely absent in most accounts.

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i like how the republican response to @aoc@twitter.com / @IlhanMN@twitter.com streaming is just ruining everyone's game. pretty smart, hard to see how that backfires twitter.com/TaylorLorenz/statu

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this is a lesson Malaysians too must learn if the emergency declaration goes through

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How to defend an electoral victory against authoritarian chaos: preparation, predominance, protest, peace, persistence, and pluralism. washingtonpost.com/opinions/20

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angela davis, from โ€˜are prisons obsolete?โ€™

โ€œpeople tend to take prisons for granted. it is difficult to imagine life without them. at the same time, there is reluctance to face the realities hidden within them, a fear of thinking about what happens inside them.โ€

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The prison clusters have bec their worst nightmare
They ignored experts call to decongest prisonsโ€™ 3Cs-Close, Confined, Crowded-through ingenious ideas @LiewChinTong@twitter.com
They marginalised, dehumanised them, hoping herd immunity in prisons wud stem the spread
A public health failure twitter.com/cheng_kidd/status/

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Anarchism isn't chaos it's a response to the chaos

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Against the capitalist creeds of scarcity and self-interest, a plan for humanityโ€™s shared flourishing is finally coming into view. Editorโ€™s pick: aeon.co/essays/the-challenge-o

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โ€œCivilityโ€ in politics is often used by the powerful to deflect attention from injustice by policing minor infractions.

Textbook case: Tory MPs vote to deny meals to 1.4 million working class kids, but *they* claim victimhood because an MP called them a name. Itโ€™s absurd.

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It was only 3 months ago that we lost beloved roboticist and Mythbusters host Grant Imahara.

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Why on God's green earth would she start an OnlyFans when she co-sponsored SESTA/FOSTA, which significantly censored the Internet, and shut down BackPage? She is THE PERSON responsible for all of that twitter.com/brooklyngohard7/st

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KKM tak dedah lokasi terjejas Covid-19 untuk elak stigma malaysiakini.com/news/547680

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Youโ€™ve been visited by the Halloween moose ๐ŸŽƒ ๐ŸฆŒ

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Iโ€™ll keep saying itโ€” downplaying slavery isnโ€™t just a debate over the economy. Itโ€™s about denying the inextricable link b/w anti-Black racism & the organization of modern western civilization. Enslaved were not just โ€œlaborersโ€; Black oppression gave definition to white identity.

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@cfunk1@twitter.com @LuciM79@twitter.com @GailSimone@twitter.com

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The reality of most Stateless communities in Sabah. So much hate towards them from all angles when they always become the kambing hitam and constantly exploited ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿ˜ข twitter.com/hadiapez/status/13

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We still have not come to fully appreciate the brilliance of Sacha Baron Cohen.

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