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But why tho outside of Bangsar is just roving bands of bandits and wild animals. Better stay in and enjoy organic black rice twitter.com/hellenus/status/13

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@DeeWavyyy@twitter.com Similar experience in the Netherlands but with school supplies:

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One of the less talked about aspect was his courage to charge a crown prince for manslaughter. He was then the Solicitor General in AG’s chambers. Later, the crown prince would go on to become the Sultan and the King around the time when Tun Salleh Abas was sacked in 1988.

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Women on Bumble luring men to send them riot pics then sending those to FBI is the best pandemic dating story yet. businessinsider.com/bumble-rem

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On the surface people worried about covid.

Deep inside I'm worried about salmonella.

How do you maintain temperature of 4Β°C or below for 2000 poultry in the outdoor? twitter.com/redzuanNewsMPB/sta

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Dengan omputih ni kita jangan bersangka baik sangat. Diorang tu setakat pandai cakap BM pun ada orang dah sembah.

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β€œAmericans traffic in mythology and denial to the point that we’re still arguing over whether slavery was the reason for the Civil War, and enslaved Black Americans are falsely identified as β€œworkers” in widely-distributed school textbooks.” ⁦⁩ theundefeated.com/features/cap

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babi majikan kapitalis bangsat membahayakan nyawa orang. kalau ada orang mati sebab diorang ni tak ker naya?

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Bos adik aku suruh kerja jugak time PKP, tak bagi WFH sebab dia fikir tak semua org jujur. Sekarang ni husband dia positive COVID-19, and staff dia pun dah positive termasuklah ADIK aku. Berkat dari jalan-jalan dekat Penang yang dia ckp β€˜IKUT SOP’ dia tu.

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Today is the birthday of @FinalFantasy@twitter.com IX's Princess Garnet Til Alexandros XVII of Alexandria! We heard a theater troupe is coming to town to perform her favorite play... sure hope nothing goes wrong. 🀞

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i do not want cyberpunk to be a "gaming redemption story" because any improvements to the game will come at a massive human cost. little tired of articles suggesting that's what could happen in a positive tone

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this is why I dropped out of college.
idk what their point is but RAISE UNIVERSAL MINIMUM WAGE AND TEACHERS WAGE. TEACHERS GO TO SCHOOL FOR 4+ YEARS TO MEET THE POVERTY LINE. I hate it here. twitter.com/clay_mcch/status/1

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Orang melayu kena interview orang melayu di Belanda tentang usaha mengembalikan budaya pakaian mereka dengan harga yang tak berpatutan

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Good thread.

Rough and degrading sex, and consent and respect are not mutually exclusive. If it is for you, then you need to seek therapy

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No discourse πŸ™ but Armie Hammer is a man who said he prefers rough sex but stopped wanting it with his wife because that’s the mother of his children and he grew to respect her too much. THAT’s what needs unpacking, the relationship between desire and power and respect, not kink

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@nadsjalil@twitter.com We can be mad at her. But I think a lot of the criticisms should go to the publication for giving her platform and focus when there are dozens of other better local Malaysians to feature.

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Dettol (or Chloroxylenol) is extremely toxic to many animals - especially Cats. If you use it to sanitize your house, your cat may walk on it and ingest it when it licks its paws. Cats cannot metabolize the phenolic toxin. Lethal dose 50mg/kg

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Hai..ade tak kat sini sama geng..
Saya anak istimewa, sindrom down dan hyper active - Mickey

πŸ“Έ by Azza Ana

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deaths in Malaysia:

In 2020:

Mar: 43
Apr: 59
May: 13
Jun: 6
Jul: 4
Aug: 2
Sept: 9

Sept: Sabah State Elections

Oct: 113
Nov: 111
Dec 111:

15 Jan 2021: 115

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and that is why we smash shop windows

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sua: bersua 1. datang saling mendekati, saling berdekat-dekatan 2. = tersua bertemu, berjumpa, terjerempak, terserempak