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Dear Malaysians,
Here's why the BLM Movement applies to you. This is a Brief Overview of Violence, Exploitation and Discrimination against Dark-Skinned People in Malaysia: A thread.

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I am going to explain why Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan and police are fully responsible for murder of Summer Taylor.

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WTF !!!! I downloaded multiple versions of Dark Alliance and all of them from edited out a whole chapter about how the Assistant U.S. attorney was killed ???

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πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ You guys should really consider hiring crisis PR consultants. CLOWNS twitter.com/londonsquare1/stat

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want to make sure people understand that charity from millionaires and billionaires is not wealth redistribution; in fact under capitalism it’s the opposite in many ways and is incentivized by financial advisers for tax purposes. twitter.com/evelynvwoodsen/sta

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Erdogan is a danger to the civilized and democratic world.

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thinking about the time a timeline I made got reposted to a terf subreddit and the dude terfs tried to roast me for being manly which just made the lady terfs upset since I’m not more manly than them

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whenever i feel sad i just think about this 1900s pic of a Chinese dude having the time of his life while eating some good ol' rice (and possibly inventing smiling in pictures)

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Why fae/faer pronouns are harmful. A thread(?)

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@lishekkkk@twitter.com @Amritoes97@twitter.com The revision of Minimum Wage in Malaysia/
Semakan semula tahap Gaji Minima di Malaysia - Sign the Petition! chng.it/CJhSn9dL via @Change@twitter.com

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abolition in all policies means abolition is the policy

no more privatized for profit utilities
no more landlords
no more food apartheid
no more prisons, of any form
no more barriers to care or wellness

the very root of it all must go

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Baltimore just tore down the Columbus statue ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻

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We’re very close to climate departure and the heat is already ridiculous. If you can, try to plant as many trees in and around your yard. Check with Forestry Dept on what trees are best for you and what seedlings are available.
Remember to make them hurricane-friendly as well.

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Turkish-backed forces have fired on a civilian truck on the M4 highway, carrying earth for road repairs.

This stretch of the M4 has faced frequent attacks by Turkish forces in violation of a ceasefire agreement, and recently reopened to civilian traffic under Russian guarantee.

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Are you seriously expecting everyone to have 2 jobs? Instead of raising the minimum wages?? Instead of fighting for underpaid people?? twitter.com/Pelabur_Bijak/stat

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