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Aight, here’s the deal my fellow Malay peeps. If we can get extremely offended when the mat salehs think that our rendang should be crispy, surely we can respect Chinese people when they say that the CKT should be gravy free. Sekian.

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In the absence of literally any facts/evidence, the Xinjiang denialism crowd has turned to constant harassment and continuous ad hominem attacks.
Please, if you're being harassed by them or even if you just see their harassment, report it. No space for such a vile community here.

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In the earliest manuscripts, King Arthur has a full sister named Anna.

But she vanishes from the record over the next centuries.

QUEEN OF NONE is her story.

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There's a ring around the drain. It isn't pink, like whatever's growing on the wall. It's blue. With the white of the porcelain and the black of the hole, it makes the drain look like an eye staring up at her as she showers. When she looks away, she's almost sure she saw it move.

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I hope nothing too bad happens to him. thirsty dude solidarity ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

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The Fort Bragg "hack" was not a hack, which, no shit.

"An administrator for the account identified himself as the source of the tweets. Appropriate action is underway. The Fort Bragg account will be restored in the coming days,” says spokesman Col. Joe Buccino.

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I don't think the fish oil is working

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middle europeans: wow the sun sets early in the winter..... weird how it can be dark outside at 6pm
the scandinavians in the replies:

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Please name the factory and their brands of soy sauce, otherwise it will just be a slap on the wrist... twitter.com/bernamadotcom/stat

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How do you get up in the morning and live with yourself if "If you are poor, it is your own damned fault and you selected that lifestyle and it is only right that your children go hungry" is your philosophy?

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a mere sacking is not good enough. they can come back from that

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What say you, Malaysians?

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@cryptonator1337@twitter.com @DarihanaNova@twitter.com Just want to add i’ve never had an original thought in my life i’m just inspired by this queen

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