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Financial aid is suicide prevention.

Moratoriums are suicide prevention.

Suicide prevention begins with our relationships at home, in schools & at work.

Suicide prevention begins with our communities.

Suicide prevention is not only “getting help” but something much bigger.

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Maybe MUDA can learn principles so it doesn’t always have to reflect on hindsight? twitter.com/limweijiet/status/

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After I left an abusive relationship in 2016 everyone was like “I’m so sorry” but my photography teacher who knew both of us was like “oh congratulations” and I just started crying

Congratulate people on leaving hard situations and quitting jobs and regaining their personhood

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Selamat pagi buat semua pemilik perusahaan kecil & sederhana. Sudahkah anda menyemak keputusan permohonan GKP 2.0? Kalau anda tidak memohon, tak perlu disemak.

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Main chess dah berdekad tapi asyik kalah je. *yawns* bye

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sama lah macam korang pemain catur

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JUST IN: President Trump snaps at reporter objecting to the President's false claims about the election: "You're just a lightweight. Don't talk to me that way. I'm the President of the United States. Don't ever talk to the President that way."

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Politicians: *making a mess out of everything*
Also politicians: you don't know anything about the game. This is a game of chess. It's so obvious y'all never played chess.

No need to be condescending & patronising kot. Cuba self-reflect & focus on fixing yesterday's blunder. twitter.com/fahmi_fadzil/statu

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it's near impossible for banks to not make a profit kot with the amount of things in their favour. anyone who says otherwise is stupid

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Maybank hari ini melaporkan keuntungan sebanyak RM1.95 billion bagi tempoh Q3(Julai, August, September) 2020.

Mana yang cakap dengan aku dulu bank akan rugi Q3 disebabkan moratorium. PERGI MAKAN TAIK SANA.

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Please tell me of all the battles PH have won since PN took over, especially in public perception. twitter.com/Mhmd_AlAs/status/1

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why is The Last Jedi trending? did someone ask what the best Star Wars movie since The Empire Strikes Back is?

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Today we published our project on unaccompanied child refugees -

I.e Kids who travel thousands of miles to escape death & suffering at home. They do so on their own, without their parents/guardians, stuffed in boats or under cargo.

Some as young as 5.


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So The Queen's Gambit is basically white people ripping off Hikaru no Go?

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mesej politikos ni simple je.

"aku pandai, kau bodoh, duk diam2, tau la apa aku buat. Cuba terima kasih sikit"

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I rather dap stand up for their principles than be held random to their own desire for power than this bullshit notion of commitment towards pakatan.

The commitment is to the people, not to a coalition. twitter.com/syahredzan/status/

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No mom I don't get my politics from CNN or MSNBC I get it from hot communists on twitter

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This is good

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A Venezuelan judge has found six American oil executives guilty of corruption and sentenced each to more than eight years in prison. The Citgo employees were lured to Venezuela for a business meeting three years ago and arrested. apne.ws/6yEWF9W

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I saw this a few days ago. And decided to do a little digging to see if the alternatives to this make sense or not. I find that the people at RapidKL making this decision probably never take the bus themselves or simply lack the empathy of the people who do. Here's a thread twitter.com/fikahmus/status/13

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