wait, so something killed me and my cat?

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You died.

Your last saved image is who/what you see at the gates of heaven.

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β€œnot voting shows ur privilege β€œ is so funny 2 me bc most people i see say they wont b voting r part of marginalized communities already.

you’re calling ppl privileged for not playing along with a system that thrives off of their continued oppression

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Science shows watching cute animals is good for your health buff.ly/339btFu

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I love when anti communists get things the wrong way round. If they just knew what capitalism and communism actually were they'd be on board with the rev.

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Rich white men have really tricked the world into thinking poor people are a burden while they steal trillions from us each year. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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You've heard of Benito Mussolini. Now get this: his sushi-addicted otaku brother, Bento Mussolini

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WHOA! Bill & Ted Face the Music is now available at a most excellent discounted price! Rent the Certified Fresh comedy of the Summer for only $14.99 or own it today for $19.99: billandted3.com/watch 🎸⚑️

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Anyone I know from Pakistan? Looking to acquire a used copy of Iqbal's Asrar-I Khudi (Reynold Nicholson translation) somehow

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Lukis mural muka PM dgn KP KKM kat klinik kesihatan KL ni siapa bayar? Harap bukan duit cukai

Sudah2lah muralkan muka pemimpin. Bnyk hasil mural artis lain buat design ttg frontliner tak viral pun. Obviously jauh lebih ikhlas sebab takda gambar pemimpin, tak harap media cover

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Sometimes I think about how Henry Cavill really went from Humphrey in Stardust… to this

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isn't funny how bp and shell support carbon taxes, methane regulations and all that good stuff

but are funding a network of lobby groups that that killed those very things


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WARNING! Jump Rope Challenge is being removed from the Nintendo eShop on WEDNESDAY! Last chance to add it to the collection. It’s a FREE GAME from Nintendo that focuses on exercising in small amounts. Developed by Nintendo employees during the Quarantine. Major Nintendo history!

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I'm now streaming on Twitch! Playing Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War twitch.tv/qedx

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