M40 needs to start pushing for progressive wealth taxes. property, capital gains, inheritance, savings. but they won't because they think of themselves as temporarily embarrassed millionaires
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Ya. Tax M40. Perah sampai kering.

The reason people buy stuff online is to save money. More options, generally cheaper than retail, you save on travelling cost. Now whatever we save, gets taken by the gov. Perah, picit, tekan M…


M40 akan cepat jual golongan marhaen tapi complain bila diorang yang kena tekan sikit. macam mamat ni
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Im sorry but you cant be further away from the reality here. If you read through you'll realise how the fee has never been increased since 1982. Yes 1982. Despite all the inflations.

No one talking about making profits here. Please, we are talking about Sustainability. twitter.com/TheVenusDarling/st

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