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You've heard of Benito Mussolini. Now get this: his sushi-addicted otaku brother, Bento Mussolini

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WHOA! Bill & Ted Face the Music is now available at a most excellent discounted price! Rent the Certified Fresh comedy of the Summer for only $14.99 or own it today for $19.99: billandted3.com/watch 🎸⚑️

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Lukis mural muka PM dgn KP KKM kat klinik kesihatan KL ni siapa bayar? Harap bukan duit cukai

Sudah2lah muralkan muka pemimpin. Bnyk hasil mural artis lain buat design ttg frontliner tak viral pun. Obviously jauh lebih ikhlas sebab takda gambar pemimpin, tak harap media cover

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Sometimes I think about how Henry Cavill really went from Humphrey in Stardust… to this

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WARNING! Jump Rope Challenge is being removed from the Nintendo eShop on WEDNESDAY! Last chance to add it to the collection. It’s a FREE GAME from Nintendo that focuses on exercising in small amounts. Developed by Nintendo employees during the Quarantine. Major Nintendo history!

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β€œSaya tidak lagi keseorangan” ulas MB Perak lega selepas mendapat tahu YB Hajiji Noor akan mengangkat sumpah sebagai KM Sabah esok.

Ini berikutan terdapat laporan yang mengatakan kelulusan akademik Hajiji juga setakat SPM seperti beliau.

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Six indie horror flicks to watch this Halloween for the die-hard genre fanatic!

buff.ly/30RezLR | @AMDerington@twitter.com

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hell no work in any field is ever worth putting anyone through crunch, except in actual humanitarian disasters

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since we're having crunch discourse again apparently

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since we're having crunch discourse again apparently

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*Mama Cat and 5 Babies to ADOPT FOR FREE* Assalam, sesiapa yang berdekatan dengan Sepang, Selangor or any area in Selangor or KL yang nak jaga ibu kucing dan bayinya 5 ekor seikhlas hati boleh pm saya 😊. Saya dan keluarga tak biasa jaga anak2 kucing 😿.

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After years of fealty and trouble-free performance, a cat's back foot rises up against its master repeatedly in an unprovoked, unmitigated betrayal.

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Still thinking about the lioness who hunted an antelope but immediately regretted it when she realized her prey was pregnant, then tried to shake the unborn calf to life before losing her appetite and falling next to the dead antelope in grief.


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Hi my name is Goddess Angelina, I’m 21, and I fuck men’s wallets by day and their asses by night

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The terror in Mifune's eyes at the end of Throne of Blood was genuine. He was being shot at with real arrows by amateurs.

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