Unlocked platinum camo for all secondary weapons, including the combat knife and riot shield. Why do I even do this?

penunggang agama macam ni aku suka
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Aku paling tak suka penyewa macam ni, kuat menunggang. Aku kalau pak lebai, mmg payah sikit nak percaya.

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Kai #152635’s family decided against taking their loyal dog on their interstate move - so he dies Thursday in NYCACC. Tolerant of kids and other dogs, a good boy who has lost everything, now anxious/fearful. Heartbroken, he needs us. Pls pledge, RT KAI!


We wiLL foLlOw tHE sCieNce
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Masks are now optional on airplanes with immediate effect. Thank you @MAS CEO Capt Izham for the discussion earlier and reassurances of air quality & cleanliness on airplanes. twitter.com/kkmputrajaya/statu

Anastasia was probably a little twerp too
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Prince George reportedly warned classmates who were on his bad side that his father Prince William will one day be King, according to royal author.

“My dad will be king so you better watch out.”

really close friends
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“Statues like this typically depict a married couple. It was unusual for two women to be sculpted side by side. The relationship between these two women is not specified.”

Obviously, they were roommates.

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this paper on how theoretical physicists were singled out by McCarthyism is great but what is particularly amusing is how one of the theories offered as to why they were inclined towards communism because they lacked a liberal arts education

kalau buat graf boleh zerokan y-axis tak? jangan guna taktik penyangak
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Sebenarnya Pasukan Khas Jihad Inflasi dah gagal.

Kerajaan BN & PN YAB @IsmailSabri60 gagal.

Jihad Inflasi tubuh Jun 2022 dgn kadar inflasi 3.4%.

Lepas Pasukan ditubuhkan Julai 2022 inflasi melonjak ke 4.4%⬆️

Bulan Ogos inflasi naik lagi ke 4.7%⬆️⬆️

Gagal atau gagal? Gagal‼️

simpan duit dalam almari
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Kalau Maybank pon dah tak boleh percaya, nak percaya bank mana lagi?

DEB adalah antara idea yang mempunyai asas dalam fikiran kiri tapi telah diputar belit dan dicemari politik ketuanan Melayu Umno
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Tahukah anda bahawa bekas perdana menteri Tun Razak merupakan ahli Fabian Society dan Parti Buruh ketika belajar di UK? Sebagai PM, beliau juga mengumpul intelektual2 kiri pelbagai kaum untuk mengambil idea2 mereka. Antara hasilnya, DEB. twitter.com/arul_psm/status/15

then go bankrupt
1. SMEs should be given three to five years to comply with the RM1,500 minimum wage, says MCA spokesperson Saw Yee Fung.

She says many small traders are still struggling due to the effects of Covid-19, adding that imposing a higher minimum wage now may cause them to go bankrupt. twitter.com/NewsBFM/status/150

After every round of multiplayer I am kicked on to the Warzone menu and can't continue. I hope this will be fixed when the game goes live

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sua: bersua 1. datang saling mendekati, saling berdekat-dekatan 2. = tersua bertemu, berjumpa, terjerempak, terserempak