lesson one: Tunku Abdul Rahman was a colonial pawn

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"Whatever its past may be, a nation can only be true to itself if it learns its history." - Tunku Abdul Rahman

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this w/ matching Christmas pijamas, a whole vibe >>>

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Malaysia? "Cleaners are not frontliners"

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Percent of wages currently subsidized by governments due to COVID:

Japan: 100% for small businesses; 80% for large firms

Netherlands: Up to 90%

Norway: Up to 90%

Germany: Up to 87%

France: Up to 84%

Italy: 80%

United Kingdom: Up to 80%

Canada: Up to 75%

United States: 0%

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My kid was asking me why when Calvin and Hobbes grew up they stopped having adventures and their life was boring.

It took a couple of minutes to realize he was talking about Jon and Garfield.

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lotta people criticizing the β€œdefund the police” slogan because they can’t imagine themselves in that 1960s white majority that thought MLK’s protests were hurting civil rights, and they are trying to blame the slogan for why they’re 2020’s indifferent white moderates

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better reason than anyone could give for staying in Islam, or any religion for that matter

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"Kau keluar islam sebab apa?"

"Sebab nak pakai seluar pendek"

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"Policing cannot exist without capitalism; capitalism cannot exist without slavery; slavery cannot exist without borders."

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Agnes Chow was sentenced to 10 months; Joshua Wong was sentenced to 13.5 months; and Ivan Lam was sentenced to 7 months.

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Kluster Sri Petaling (tabligh) saw the screening of 42,023 people. 3375 were positive, 8% positivity. It was declared over some 4 months later.

Kluster Teratai (Top Glove) started exactly a month ago. So far 6603 people have been screened, with 5056 positive. That's 77%.

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Not super tough, see:
Paint the target with a laser from a few KM away, then drones can hit that from altitude with kinetic impact devices without any exotic hardware or explosives. Lazy Dog weighs 20g, so a DJI Matrice 300 RTK can carry 150. twitter.com/MuniraMustaffa/sta

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Looking at people attacking the i-Sinar withdrawal requirements reminds me yet again that people who are well off should NEVER be allowed to make decisions that impact poor people

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@mattyglesias@twitter.com demanding that cities and localities consider taking funding away from a state agency that kills people without accountability and can’t be bothered to actually solve most violent crime isn’t a call for β€œausterity” and i think you know that.

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@wvjoe911@twitter.com @Martina@twitter.com Remind you of anyone in particular?

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Just wait until they hear about defunding the military

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Obama is a villain. He is here to steal, kill and destroy people powered movements. He’s only come out the past 4yrs to stop progress. From BLM, to NBA strikes, to the 2020 primaries, and now defunding the police, etc. with all the disrespect, fuck Obama and the clique he claims!

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