the root cause? capitalism, of course
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Incredible that we, as a society, have simply lost the battle to spam.

80% of the physical mail, phone calls, text messages, DMs, and friend requests I receive are either unwanted junk or scams trying to separate me from my money. Entire modes of communication made unusable.

What hole would I fill up first?

The void that is my soul

Umno has always been colonial fascist collaborators. A true heir to the British
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We can see this happening in Malaysia. Umno —originally a liberal right-wing party— saw a gradual decline in popularity culminating in their 2018 loss. Without a strong socialist presence in local politics, fascism under the brand of Malay nationalism is the response

you'll never guess his Bacon Number
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Michigan man pleads guilty after murdering, eating testicles of other man met on dating app

simpan duit dalam almari
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Kalau Maybank pon dah tak boleh percaya, nak percaya bank mana lagi?

DEB adalah antara idea yang mempunyai asas dalam fikiran kiri tapi telah diputar belit dan dicemari politik ketuanan Melayu Umno
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Tahukah anda bahawa bekas perdana menteri Tun Razak merupakan ahli Fabian Society dan Parti Buruh ketika belajar di UK? Sebagai PM, beliau juga mengumpul intelektual2 kiri pelbagai kaum untuk mengambil idea2 mereka. Antara hasilnya, DEB.

then go bankrupt
1. SMEs should be given three to five years to comply with the RM1,500 minimum wage, says MCA spokesperson Saw Yee Fung.

She says many small traders are still struggling due to the effects of Covid-19, adding that imposing a higher minimum wage now may cause them to go bankrupt.

she took the Queen down idk what you all expected
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I can’t think of any precedent in British politics of a new PM taking office and tanking the pound almost immediately. It’s truly remarkable.

Wan Saiful cakap PH leftist kita aminkan. Semoga doa dimakbulkan

police protects abusers
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The police have rubbished claims made by a mother who claimed her son was physically and mentally abused by a warden at a madrasah in Shah Alam, recently.

doing a collaboration with known serial plagiarist VV. Just block them

they won't let me sleep. so now I'm making up for it
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List everything you can’t do as a kid, now do them as an adult.

I was in a very academically inclined childhood lol. So now, I’m trying every sports I can.

After every round of multiplayer I am kicked on to the Warzone menu and can't continue. I hope this will be fixed when the game goes live

siapa kena tipu untuk kali ketiga, sila bersara dari politik
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Dr Mahathir menegaskan sekiranya beliau memegang jawatan itu buat kali ketiga, ia bukanlah untuk tempoh lima tahun.

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