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it blows my mind that the two best anime this season is Zhuge Liang Music Producer and Gundam Golf Lesbians

Pay them better and improve their working conditions then, M. Selvan, owner of Restoran Always Best
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Frustrated Klang restaurant owner puts up posters asking people not to 'pinch' his workers by offering them jobs

finally got around to getting my DNS to blackhole ad domains

They probably just hid more of their wealth

Globally, billionaires got richer. No way Malaysian ones are that worse off
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The combined wealth of Malaysia’s 50 richest was down 10% from a year ago to $80.5 billion.

I love Sugar already
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Meet Sugar, she doesn't like to be ridden. If Sugar is approached with a saddle she lyes down and pretends to be asleep. Sugar refuses to open her eyes until the riders leave.

it's not "migrant labour shortage". it's a shortage of cheap disposable workers

euphemisms hide why these employers are focused wanting migrant labourers.
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Malaysia lacks at least 1.2 million workers across manufacturing, plantation and construction, a shortage worsening daily as demand grows with an easing of the pandemic, industry and government data show.

it is as it should be. no sympathy for "expats"
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We wanted to understand the challenges facing Hong Kong expats. So we talked to John, the one person guaranteed to generate zero sympathy.

it pains me to say that the landlords are right
1. A group of property owners has criticised the joint management body (JMB) of a condominium building in Ampang that allegedly called the Immigration Department on their refugee tenants.

Malay Mail reported the group as accusing the JMB of facilitating a raid on June 3.

siapa punya projek?
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1. Malaysiakini is reporting that satellite images show that works on a rare earth mine project site in Perak appear to have commenced over a year before the project was approved.

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Selangor PAS commissioner Datuk Ahmad Yunus Hairi said the state govt needs to assert its authority regarding the involvement of Muslims in the festival.

orang kaya adalah parasit perosak masyarakat
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Tahniah kpd 10 individu terkaya di . Hasil niaga mereka menjadi & berjaya.

Kpd yg ingin kaya spt mereka, terutama kpd & , jadi & adalah punca utama kekayaan.

Kpd & generasi muda, cari ilmu niaga & jadi org berniaga.

it remains unclear what Wickr can do without breaking end to end encryption
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NEW: Amazon has a major child porn problem on its encrypted chat app Wickr, and the tech giant isn’t doing much to stop it. I combed through 72 child porn prosecutions involving Wickr from the last 5 years to understand the issue.

dunno if I want to be the foot or the shoe
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Fine I'll finally give you the mimic heel again you unwashed heathens

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sua: bersua 1. datang saling mendekati, saling berdekat-dekatan 2. = tersua bertemu, berjumpa, terjerempak, terserempak