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how do you oppose someone when you have the same principles they do? this is just a popularity contest
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The fact that this new Malay-Muslim coalition to oppose Umno comprises of Dr M's ultra nationalists (Pejuang), Malay supremacists Perkasa (Putra) & Islamist hardliners Isma (Berjasa) is pretty much all you need to know about what is wrong with Malaysian majority politics

anything to get more workers EXCEPT paying better
1. Malaysian Association of Hotel Owners is looking to hire ex-convicts to address a worker shortage in the hotel industry.

MAHO Executive Director Shaharuddin M. Saaid told Kosmo, hotels are also considering those on parole, Orang Asli, and UNHCR cardholders to fill vacancies.

it's always "a vibrant fantasy world" what about a mundane day-to-day fantasy world for a change?

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SQUATTERS TAKE OVER | This home on SE Flavel St is for sale, but the owner is unable to sell it ever since people he doesn’t know moved in and won’t leave.

“They just walked into the property and took it over.”


dia kitar semula konsep penjajah British, ada hati nak panggil kita malas

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actually kan

1) majikan memang patut bayar kos commute untuk semua pekerja

2) masa dalam commute mesti dikira sebagai waktu bekerja

this is exactly what killed the entire concept of a mobile phone as a gaming device for me

why did we allow this?
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I don't think I'll ever invest in a mobile game ever, because they're all just microtransaction filth that BEGS you to spend money in order to progress.

is seminar-cum-luncheon kind of like turducken but with cum?
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Singapore ETO hosts business seminar-cum-luncheon in celebration of HKSAR 25th anniversary (with photos)

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🐱 CAT LOVERS!!!!!! 🐈

There's a new Japanese website called Uchinoko Maker which is basically picrew for cats (with over 200 million possible design combinations)!!!

It's free and you can use it to recreate your cats or create your dream cat! :3

Link below!

explains all the fucking it's been doing
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So, capitalism is fertile and breedable.

ok I can still finish a book in less than a day. when I couldn't before must be because the books were bad and boring

siapa yang cancel orang straight ni? mabuk ka?
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Sekarang ni nak mengaku straight pun kena cancel ea? Kena jadi gay lesbo dulu baru selamat ke? Kepala butoh la

It's not sustainable because you're not putting enough money in it
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Khairy: MOH’s RM1, RM5 Hospital Charges Not Sustainable

Future-proof health financing options will be included in the Health White Paper that is to be presented by year end, says Khairy Jamaluddin.

hahaha 2040 we'd be lucky to still exist then
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Govt to stop building coal plants starting 2040, shift towards renewable energy

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sua: bersua 1. datang saling mendekati, saling berdekat-dekatan 2. = tersua bertemu, berjumpa, terjerempak, terserempak