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trading one hellscape for another is not progress

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neoliberal macam Keadilan ni memang membawa kepada kesusahan
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Punca inflasi di Malaysia: Pemberian wang tunai populis Kerajaan BN

Watching Suu's dance video for GIRI GIRI. I have never seen anyone in more pain

LMAO when things get tough blame the Russians
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Russian intelligence operatives are experts in stoking divisions in 🇺🇸. The abortion chaos is a dream come true for Putin and we can expect more chaos inside 🇺🇸.

you can just keep adding stuff to soup for days right?

yes, new anime I'm most excited for
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Wow, the Uncle is being voiced by Koyasu Takehito (Dio, Rezo) and Takafumi is being voiced by Fukuyama Jun (Lelouch, Joker in Persona 5)

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COVID-19 | Gelombang baharu COVID-19 di negara ini mungkin berlaku lebih awal berbanding tempoh antara dua atau tiga bulan lagi seperti diumumkan sebelum ini.

Video penuh di:

these people whose great-grandfathers literally sold their countries to colonisers to get thrones have no shame in calling other people "black marks in history"

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The only black marks on Malaysia's history are the royals
1. Malaysia would not have existed without protests, said Bersih.

Bersih argued that protests against the Malayan Union were what paved the way for the formation of the Federation of Malaya in 1948.

It also denied that Bersih rallies were a “black mark” on Malaysia’s history.

protests work
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In Mexico 🇲🇽 when abortion rights were up for debate they marched to the presidential palace & attempted to burn it down. The Mexican government quickly decriminalized Abortion nationwide soon after that.

idk how this is supposed to be moving

you were there to invade a foreign country and experienced trauma. serves you right, I guess
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During my first deployment to Afghanistan, my platoon was caught in a massive, well-designed ambush. Heavy machine guns on high ground, RPGs in close.

The impact hit like a hammer to the chest. Casualties. Chaos.

There's a point to this, I promise. 🧵…

children born overseas to Malaysian women can't even get citizenship
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Malaysia believes that the right of women and girls must always be promoted and protected to enable them develop their full potential. (2/2)

there are no lesser evil

there is evil, and there is good

always choose good

not only do protests work, protests work best when they are violent, disruptive and inconvenient
1. Protesting on the streets is not the Malaysian way, says Johor ruler Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar.

“Have we not learned from the bloody street protests of the past? It never achieved anything except chaos, destruction and a black mark on our nation’s history.”

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sua: bersua 1. datang saling mendekati, saling berdekat-dekatan 2. = tersua bertemu, berjumpa, terjerempak, terserempak