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“...for the low low cost of $3,120 you too can get a lifesaving therapy that was researched with taxpayer funding” twitter.com/thehill/status/131

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Earlier, @wilfredchan@twitter.com revealed that the US State Dept has trained the Hong Kong police. Police brutality isn't a local issue, but is connected transnationally with imperialist powers. twitter.com/Independent/status

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I think we can all agree the world would be better off if Rob Schneider had no speech

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Fox News, in the subtext: would you kill for Trump? We know you would kill for Trump. Millions of others would also kill for Trump and they can’t stop you all. twitter.com/ndrew_lawrence/sta

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Greatest fear is still someone eating him, cause he isn't getting that cat and dog immunity to animal cruelty in his lifetime

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He even goes swimming with her 😍🐟 thedo.do/35b3S8Y

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orang biasa ok jer kalau tak ada pemimpin. jenis yang suka berlagak jadi pemimpin ni yang teruk kalau tak ada orang nak ikut

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bertitah agar rakyat sabar, tenang dan jangan spekulasi.

Apa pula pesanan anda kepada ahli politik Malaysia?

Kongsikan bersama kami sekarang!

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This is what gaslighting looks like:
1. Public has been nothing but united & supportive
2. We're not fighting with *each other*, but calling out the elites for double standards & incompetency
3. Whose responsibility is it to ensure our frontliners' welfare again? twitter.com/DGHisham/status/13

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The Thais also have their own version of “Duli Yang Amat Mulia”. Very interesting despite difference in religion. twitter.com/pakhead/status/131

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Naples, Italy— for all intents and purposes, the birthplace of the first Anarchist movement in the 19th century —set to explode as new Coronavirus lockdown measures announced with no new plan for rent assistance or housing relief. Decommodify housing now!

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Can u imagine being sent to Hungary to write about how there's a fascist counter revolution against socialism but actually find out the working class of Hungary are fighting for real socialist democracy in the streets and stalinism sucks ass twitter.com/RedFlag_SA/status/

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The political campaigns of my generation are gonna be BONKERS. In the 2040s elections people are gonna be pulling up hologram receipts of Tumblr screenshots like "What do you have to say about your 10-year obsession with noted fascist-romanticizing animation Axis Powers Hetalia?"

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A normie: Naruto is just an anime why do u cry for him?

The Indonesian news:

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Tak boleh nak buat virtual parlimen coz most MPs are still using Streamyx. Tak cukup port.

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