I am once again asking you all, to not forget the 1M computers happened within this lifetime.

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Just give all students a damn laptop. This damn government can do it. Cancel all useless projects that nobody needs right now. Do some kind of partnership with companies and get a good rate. Stop relying on Ebit Liew / Saddiq’s hair. It’s embarrassing.

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Sometimes when I see tweets about shit being too difficult to learn, I think back to the time I figured out how to lead a community class on how gpg encryption works, and see the community teach others who joined the class late successfully.

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@2ndtechnician@twitter.com the Klingon mating ritual sounds awesome like reverse gender pon farr and i want to see how that goes down tbh

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Jerry Seinfeld is trending, I wonder if it's because he spent 17 years building a high school for underprivileged students.

Google "Jerry Seinfeld 17 year old high school student" for the heartwarming story!

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Sen. Hawley is trying to wiggle out of inciting a riot that killed 5 by saying “I was just representing my constituents” - but only those who wish to overturn the election and resurrect the Confederacy. twitter.com/beschlossdc/status

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This week alone, people were fired from the New York Times, the Niskanen Center, and Fox News for making conservatives mad twitter.com/pwafork/status/135

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Not like you can actually use Adobe Photoshop on a budget Windows PC in a productive manner (not pulling your hair out). We're not talking productivity devices at such low price points. What's most crucial / practical is the Web browser. Content consumption and productivity lite. twitter.com/ernamh/status/1353

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Watching Republicans like Christie try to rebrand as Reasonable is extremely funny. Without their constant support of Trump early on we would not be here now

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You know what’s surprising?
In South Korean schools, sex education mentions the existence of homosexual relationships.
And it actually gets better, saying that it’s natural and okay to do according to science.
And there’s no controversy about it! How neat! But America doesn’t. twitter.com/harry_wellls/statu

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1/ Let's talk about the New York Times firing editor Lauren Wolfe, and rise of the alt-right, starting in 2014 with GamerGate.

Wolfe tweeted that she had "chills" on inauguration day.

The right predictably spun up an outrage cycle, and Wolfe was fired. twitter.com/JShahryar/status/1

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この後 25:35~TOKYO MXにて

第4話「その 明日を目指すものたちは…」を放送

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you can get raided by the department of homeland security for owning iphone replacement parts in the united states!


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Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer who gave citizens vouchers to eat in contributing to a Covid spike and blocked lockdown in October, killing people

James Cleverly, minister who doesn’t appear to do much is rolled out to deny racism exists or when David Lammy MP tweets

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