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Thanks @NaNawrote@twitter.com for the @ShopeeMY@twitter.com link.

My @Libresse_MY@twitter.com pads with the free tote came today! Isn't it gorgeous?

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Text messages between Elizabeth Holmes and Sunny Balwani today at the trial.

"You are the breeze in desert for me."
"My water."
"And ocean."
"Meant to be only together tiger."

Balwani: "OK"

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I am currently an adjunct assistant prof. at the same university that I earned my PhD at in August.

To complete my hire, they just made me pay them $10 so that they could send the official transcripts...to themselves.

This is what academia is.

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I can see no way that the Harry Potter franchise tackling World War Two could backfire

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@qedx_@twitter.com He now has an unspoken pact with Nurgle, Lord of Disease and Decay.

Soon, Bolsonaro will blossom into a fully fledged Great Unclean One

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How could I find a scientist in Malaysia willing to collaborate with me on a project on science and queerness? Been wanting to revive this project since I published a small chap on queered artscience . Bringing science-thinking and queer theories into a locally situated context.

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Organizing is 90% pestering people without annoying them too much.

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BREAKING: The UN has warned that the mass deportations of Haitians by President Biden could violate international law.

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I think that I shall never see/An urban cooling device as effective as a tree
(But only if we plant them with some care for the community)

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The EU Proposes Mandatory USB-C on all devices, including iPhones

…but this covers only devices using wired, not wireless chargers. And companies have 2 years to comply

That’s just enough time for Apple to completely drop the port and go all Magsafe 🙃


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I’ve been contacted by multiple media outlets asking to do interviews on nurse burnout.

I’ve finally just started bluntly saying I’m too burnt out to talk about burn out anymore. I did so many interviews in 2020 & nothing changed. In fact it’s all worse.

I’m saving my energy.

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@JimmyKimmelLive@twitter.com And here is an offering from @ExxonMobil@twitter.com, from last Christmas. via @ClimateAd@twitter.com

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was looking up warioware on ao3 out of idle curiosity and found my new favorite tag

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Henry Kissinger better be dead

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Any finger that retweets this will receive good news tomorrow😇

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