Allegiance shifted from Himura Kenshin to Nishikigi Chisato. There is no better time to change your favourite no-kill ex-assassin.

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Enough is Enough: **Fraguas, the state against an autonomous rural collective**

"We return to Fraguas, spain, in solidarity with the effort to create an autonomous, rural collective in the mountains around Madrid, now confronted with the final act in a process of state persecution."

#anarchism #bot

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Looking for a #job as #GNU/Linux Administrator near Osnabrück, Germany?
Help us run the growing number of #OpenSlides servers and others.
Details (in DE):
We (@intevation) only use and develop #FreeSoftware (aka #OpenSource).

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Alexa, how bad is the #Corona Wave at the #Oktoberfest in #Munich after 10 days?

Alexa, wie sieht die #WiesnWelle nach 10 Tagen aus, die von allen bayrischen und Münchner Politikern kleingeredet wird?

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They protested with the slogan "Jin, Jiyan, Azadi" against the assassination of #Mehsa_Amini, where they defeated IS in Syria 6 years ago. Thousands of Kurdish women in Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan) declared solidarity with the protests of Iranian women by cutting their hair and burning their headscarves under the slogan "Women, Life, Freedom".

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DEB adalah antara idea yang mempunyai asas dalam fikiran kiri tapi telah diputar belit dan dicemari politik ketuanan Melayu Umno
RT @ooikokhin
Tahukah anda bahawa bekas perdana menteri Tun Razak merupakan ahli Fabian Society dan Parti Buruh ketika belajar di UK? Sebagai PM, beliau juga mengumpul intelektual2 kiri pelbagai kaum untuk mengambil idea2 mereka. Antara hasilnya, DEB.

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then go bankrupt
1. SMEs should be given three to five years to comply with the RM1,500 minimum wage, says MCA spokesperson Saw Yee Fung.

She says many small traders are still struggling due to the effects of Covid-19, adding that imposing a higher minimum wage now may cause them to go bankrupt.

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Several right wing people and groups protest a drag bingo in Katy, TX: 3nzoldnxplag42gqjs23xvghtzf6t6

This probably wasn't a perverted event like these right-wingers like to claim. These are usually family-friendly events and the only outlet for some LGBT+ people of all ages.

Armed people on both sides (the counter-protestors...)

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The cat swallowed a needle. X-ray was $1200. They want $8000 to remove it.

I’m considering flying a vet out here, dead serious.

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#Rotterdam #housing #squatting #kraken #wooncrisis
RT @bpwrotterdam
Een boodschap van onze vrienden van de RET:

We are ANGRY as FUCK
The new squatting laws make it possible to evict within THREE DAYS>>> a squat where we peacefully lived in for over a year, without causing ANY trouble, FIXING the LEAKS in the house, REMOVING the TOXIC FUNGI

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Friendica (@news) is a very flexible Fediverse server type with lots of useful options and a Facebook-style web interface with no character limits (or at least I couldn't find one!).

Friendica lets you follow Fediverse accounts from Mastodon etc., but it also lets you follow RSS and Twitter feeds, or turn RSS feeds into Fediverse accounts that people on other Fedi platforms can follow.

There are also extra features like calendars and groups.

The flexibility does make it a bit trickier to use, but once you get the hang of it there are things you can do on Friendica that aren't possible on other Fedi server types.

There's no dedicated Friendica app, but if you have Android you can use Friendica through Fedilab (@apps), and of course it has a web interface that works on all platforms.

There's more info at and you can find servers to join at or

#Friendica #Fediverse #ActivityPub

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they won't let me sleep. so now I'm making up for it
RT @ieralee
List everything you can’t do as a kid, now do them as an adult.

I was in a very academically inclined childhood lol. So now, I’m trying every sports I can.

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They stuck the landing! Recommended without any hesitation!

Updated, with the tag because I noticed even the En speakers are using it.

I read news about systemd just to get to the comments to exhale "what weirdos" to the folks who trash systemd for no real obvious reason.

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Awful AI is an extensive curated list by David Dao showcasing some of the most creepy, unethical and scary uses of AI we’ve seen over the past years.


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