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This is unacceptable. This is how you treat your partners?

The only "tension" is the stuff you're creating my spamming our phones with disgusting text messages.

I'm so glad our store is unionizing so we can hold this company to a higher standard. Honestly shameful.

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Horrified Anti-Vaxxer Discovers Every American Who Got Smallpox Vaccine In 19th Century Now Dead bit.ly/34ZOr75

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A new public library in my area has these work stations for caregivers with babies! Maybe these are common in other places but Ive never seen anything like this before.

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Salafi’s and the German language are a match made in heaven.

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This is literally one of the worst jokes I’ve ever read or seen.

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I’m so tired of people “bukan negara kita, gak usah diurusin” like what? If you don’t like me just go away. I would love to tweet about Lee Zii Jia sampai dia benar benar mendapatkan keadilan. JUSTICE FOR LEE ZII JIA!!

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A Peshmerga fighter reading a James Bond novel during the 1970s Iraq - Kurdistan conflict.

(Via Syrian Summers)

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The Palestinian Tantura village before it became an Israeli beach and a site of genocide. Photo from All That Remains by Walid Khalidi.

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