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Botanists are discovering several endemic plants in the Indian savannas—ecosystems long misinterpreted as wastelands of low conservation value.
Article link (DM for access if needed): onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10
Read on for a summary. 1/n

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This sensual pat-down is what a prospective member can expect at their in-person interview to become a member of Patriot Front. That and handing over their unlocked phone so the interviewer can look through all of their photos, texts, & social media. (Not a joke!) twitter.com/BehindEnemaLies/st

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This is unacceptable. This is how you treat your partners?

The only "tension" is the stuff you're creating my spamming our phones with disgusting text messages.

I'm so glad our store is unionizing so we can hold this company to a higher standard. Honestly shameful.

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The older I get and the more absolute rubbish happens to me without a break, the less I find Agatha Christie fucking off to a spa and just letting everyone think she was dead for a few weeks any kind of a mystery.

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BAM banned Lee Zii Jia from playing for two years hoping he will regret his decision.

Meanwhile Lee Zii Jia:
Packing his luggage to go to Dubai & join training with Viktor Axelson🤭😚

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If we can't have sexy masc enbies, then I don't want to be in your LGBTQ+ community twitter.com/kiwifruitjam/statu

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Broke: Learning High Valyrian
Woke: Manglish too low class for you izzit?

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German Chancellor Scholz says raising minimum wage matter of respect malaysiakini.com/world/608049

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Imagine being a brand marketer, working for months on a long overdue brand refresh, and you decide, maybe to be more family friendly, no one will object. Then next you know Tucker is going apoplectic and your getting death threats accusing you of being a jewish transgender plot. twitter.com/acyn/status/148472

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I'm actually so sick and tired of people claiming that students NEED to go back for their mental health. Online school is taking a toll on mental health, but so does the anxiety of catching COVID and passing it on, so does the grief of losing loved ones to COVID.

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Tangkap Azam Baki yes but can we stop with this nonsense? Apa, kita nak Indonesia mundur ke? twitter.com/TangkapAzamBaki/st

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Horrified Anti-Vaxxer Discovers Every American Who Got Smallpox Vaccine In 19th Century Now Dead bit.ly/34ZOr75

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achievement unlocked: a twitter employee is calling me out on my hypocrisy because i said i don't like microtransactions, and yet i am selling games for $5, which is a small amount? a micro amount, you might say?

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